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GP Internet (MB) Offer 2020 | সব অফার এক জায়গায় | (9টাকায় 1জিবি)

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If are you looking GP Internet offer 2020 Then this post is for you. According to Wikipedia Grameenphone, Shot Name as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, with more than 74 million subscribers and 46.3% subscriber market share.
If you are a low-cost GP MB Offer 2020 Want so read this post and see Grameenphone best internet offer Currently, all the basic internet packages are available in Grameenphone. All of these you can use on the 2G / 3G / 4G network. And there is a Flexi plan.

GP Internet (MB) Offer 2020 Code

All Grameenphone Internet packages are listed here. The activation code is given in the last table. This is the GP offer 2020 that The new offers of Grameenphone are discussed below see GP MB pack 2020 And the validity Volume price all GP internet packages 2020

GP Offer 2020Price BDTPurchase CodeValidity
5MBBDT 2.62*121*3002#3 days
85MBBDT 28*121*3004#7 days
350MBBDT 33*121*3083#3 days
1GB offer no all userBDT 5*500*45#7 days
1GB offerBDT 18*121*3234#8 (hours)
GP 1GB offerBDT 21*121*5097#7 days
1GB Data PackBDT 31*121*5087#5 days
1GBBDT 89*121*3056#7 days
2GBBDT 54*121*3242#3 (72 hours)
3GBBDT 108*121*3344#7 days
6GBBDT 148*121*3262#7 days
10GBBDT 198*121*3133#7 days

GP internet packages 2020

If you are searching GP internet pack 2020 You're in the right place, From here you can buy all the internet at a lower price Grameenphone has many internets offers You can buy the GP free MB offer 2020 you like from this website Enjoy offers and share offers with everyone in your family

GP internet pack 2020 Price BDTPurchase Code Validity
2GBBDT 54*121*3242#3 (72 hours)
1GBBDT 89*121*3056#7
3GB + Free 3GBBDT108*121*3344#7
8GB (2GB 4G)BDT 148*121*3262#7
10GB + 10GB FreeBDT 198*121*3133#7
1GBBDT 189*121*3390#30
3GBBDT 289*121*3391#30
5GB (1GB 4G)BDT 299*121*3458#30
8GB (2GB 4G)BDT 399*121*3392#30
15GBBDT 498*121*3459#30
15GBBDT 649*121*3393#30
20GB (4G)BDT 499*121*3435#30
30GBBDT 998*121*3394#30
50GB (4G)BDT 999*121*3436#30
100GB (4G)BDT 1499*121*3437#30
Whatapp pack 26MBBDT 2.61*121*3063#3
Viber pack 26 MBBDT 2.61*121*3070#3
FacebookBDT 1.57*121*3022#3
Emergency data loan (12MB)BDT 5*121*3021#3
FacebookBDT 19*121*3024#28

GP net offer 2020

Now I am showing GP net offer 2020  Grameenphone 1gb 25 Tk offer Grameenphone  Bring them in for customers New Internet offer You can buy 1GB internet for just 25 Bangladeshi Taka Gp 1 Gb 25 taka code is *121*5192# validity of this offer 7Days

GP 1GB Internet 17 Taka

This offer applies to some special 2 GB internet  17 taka Gp 1Gb 17 Taka Code is *121*5003# The validity of this offer 15Days

GP 1 GB 5tk offer

This GP internet offer not all Grameenphone customers this is a special Grameenphone internet offer To activate this GP 1gb 5tk offer code is *500*45#. you can use 500 Mb Regular internet use or 500 MB use only facebook validity 7Days

GP 1GB  9tk offer

This GP internet offers not all Grameenphone customers this is a special Grameenphone internet offer To activate this GP 1gb 9tk offer code is *5020*2217#.. you can use 1Gb Regular internet use validity 30 Days

GP 1GB 18tk offer

This Internet uses the  SMS Received. customer Only GP 1gb 18 tk offer code is *121*5082# validity 7Days (maximum 1 time) buy this GP internet offer Read more

GP 1GB 12tk offer

If you want to accept this offer Must be a Grameenphone SIM user then get this Grameenphone 1gb 12 taka offer You must receive the offer into dial Gp 1gb 12 Taka code is  *121*5174#.(maximum 4 times)  validity 3Days

GP internet offer 1gb 25 tk

hello, dear friends today I am shearing Grameenphone 1GB Internet Offer 25 Taka this Grameenphone 1gb internet offer Grameenphone special customer can take this offer.Gp 1gb 25 Taka code is *121*5126# validity 7 Days 

GP internet offer 1GB 50tk

This is the best Grameenphone Internter offer is GP internet offer 1gb 50tk  Now Grameenphone 1GB Internet is now only 50 Taka With which you will get 1GB internet for 7days through Grameenphone. All customers of Grameenphone will enjoy this offer. Dial * 121*3844# to activate this offer. validity 07 Days 

GP internet Offer 108 taka

If you interest this GP internet pack 2020 just dial *121*3390# to activate this Grameenphone Mb offer 2020 validity is7 Days 

GP MB Offer 2020

Here we will discuss Grameenphone with more internet packages at lower prices now see All GP MB offer code

GP internet offer 22 tk 500 MB

Today I present you with a new offer in front of you. Maybe they know a lot about this offer and many do not know. So share among Tricky Member members. are you not my GP user so no tension just dials *121*5103#, Or *121*5194# validity 3 days. Read More

GP 2 GB 35 Taka offer

Offered from Gp 2 GB 35 Taka offer. Great Grameenphone internet offer 2020 from Grameenphone Bangladesh! Do you have a reduced price of the highest internet offer just dial *121*5175# Validity 14 Days Read More

GP 3GB Internet offer

Grameenphone 3GB Internet 108 Taka new offer 3GB at 108 Tk valid for 7 days Activation code: *121*3344# Dial *121*1*4# to know internet balance Read More

GP 6GB 148 Tk offer

If you interest this GP internet pack 2020 just dial *121*3262# to activate this Grameenphone offer validity 7 Days 

GP 10gb 100tk

If You want Grameephone Internet Package 2020 So I am showing 10GB Internet Pack @100 Bangladeshi Taka  you can buy this my GP offer 2020 download my GP app from google play store or check my offer If you are eligible for the offer Then you can buy from here this offer code is *121*5339#

GP 350MB 33Tk offer

This is low price GP internet pack need dial *121*3083# to active this offer validity 3days

GP 67 Tk 3gb code

Active this Grameen MB offer 2020 Activation code: *121*3282#  (3GB at 67 Taka) within the active validity 3Days

GP internet offer 2020 30 days

now this is GP Internet pack 2020 How do you buy the offer  You just click  Then you can buy these offers from 

GP Offer 2020Price BDTPurchase CodeValidity
115MBBDT 58*121*3005#30 days
555MBBDT 149*121*3007#28 days
1GB offerBDT 9*5020*2217# or *121*5233#28 days
1GB offerBDT 50*121*3390#30 days
1.5GBBDT 239*121*3027#30 days
1GBBDT 189*121*3390#30 days
3GBBDT 289*121*3391#30 days
5GBBDT 399*121*3392#30 days
15GBBDT 649*121*3393#30 days
30GBBDT 998*121*3394#30 day

GP 1gb internet offer

This is the most popular searching GP 1gb internet offer now  I am showing all GP low price 1gb internet offer see all offer and enjoy and share your family and friend

Offer & Price BDTPurchase codevalidity
GP 1gb offer at 5BDT*500*45#7 days
GP 1GB offer at 9 BDT *5020*2217#28 days
GP offer 1gb at 18 BDT *121*3234#8 hours
GP offer 1gb at 21 BDT (new)*121*5097#7 days
GP offer 1gb at 31 BDT (new)*121*5087#5 days
GP internet offer at 1GB 50 BDT *121*3844#7 days
GP 1gb offer at 104 BDT *121*3056#7 days
GP 1gb offer at 86 BDT *121*3056#7 days
GP 1gb offer at 189 BDT *121*3390#30 days

Terms of GP internet (MB) packages 2020

  • This GP Internet offer for all Grameenphone customers
  • No auto-renew All Internet package
  • This offer update on April 2020
  • Check Internet Pack *121*1*4#
  • of every internet pack (inclusive VAT, SD & SC)
  • To cancel your internet offer, dial *121*3041#
  • use all Internet package Grameenphone high-speed internet pack 2G/3G/4G
  • To turn ON auto-renew SMS "ON" to 25000 off Auto renew by sending SMS "OFF" to 25000
  • This Internet pack not available Skitto Sim user
  • All Internet package purchase Any Time (24hours)
If you have any problem this GP internet offer 2020 to see this video
Final word

In this post, I describe how to get GP Internet Offer 2020 Hope guys, you will help with this article. All of this Grameenphone official website. If you have any confusion or question about, Just comment on the box. We reply as soon as possible with the correct answer
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