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Grameenphone VoLTE 2024 | How To Enable GP 4G VoLTE Service

Grameenphone VoLTE
Grameenphone operators in Bangladesh have launched Voice over Long Term Evolution (VOLTE) technology to provide better audio, better data use, and better connectivity to 4G users. Let's look at the benefits and the inconveniences
VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. Hearing its name, you can surely imagine that, with the help of VoLTE, it will be possible to talk or make phone calls on the 4G network. However, this is not a phone call we've known for many years. Telephone calls made using grameenphone VoLTE would have some extra advantages which are not present in 3 G and 2 G calls. Today I'm going to think about what VoLTE is, and what its extra benefits are.
The most exciting part is that our customers won't have to pay any extra charges to avail of this new innovative experience

    Grameenphone VoLTE:

    Grameenphone has launched VoLTE service in Bangladesh.Features available on VoLTE.Calls are connected two to three times faster than usual.HD Crystal Clear Audio / Video. Strong network connections are found between the spectrum and the device which will increase the coverage. The call drop will be reduced. Dial *121*1133 *3# to know if your phone / SIM will support VoLTE.
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    How To Enable GP 4G VoLTE Service:

    GP finally launched VoLTE Dial: *121*1133*1#  or *121*1133*3#If failed try more times. Find VoLTE option:(settings>sim cards and mobile networks>GP>Use VoLTE)If you do not see VoLTE in your sim settings. THEN DIAL ##86583## Normally. Then u could see it in the settings. Just try if needed

    Grameenphone Volte supported device list:

    * Xiaomi *
    1.Redmi note 8
    2.Redmi note 7 pro
    3. Redmi note 5 ai
    4.Redmi note 7s
    5.Xiaomi Pocophone F1
    6.Mi 8
    7.Redmi 7
    8.Redmi 8
    * Huawei *
    1.Nova 5t
    2.Nova 3i
    3.Nova 2i
    4.Mate 20 pro
    * Nokia *
    1.Nokia 4.2
    2.Nokia 220 4G
    * Samsung *
    2.Galaxy Note 10+
    * Vivo *
    1.Vivo S1 pro
    Many more unnamed devices are happening.
    You can try this code by dialing *121*1133*1#
    Grameenphone VoLTE

    What is VoLTE?

    VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a technology that enables voice calling over 4G. Also, users can experience HD quality crystal clear voice with faster call setup time. Without VoLTE, your phone must drop back to 2G and 3G during voice calls. VoLTE allows users to stay on the 4G network during voice calls and can continue to have un-interrupted high-speed 4G internet experience. VoLTE calls will be charged in exactly the same manner as 2G and 3G voice calls. There are no additional data charges. Read more Source
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    Final word:

    Thanks for staying with us for a long time and visiting the grameenphone VoLTE article. If you have any queries or confusions about the GP 4G VoLTE, just comment on the box. We'll respond with the right solution as soon as possible.
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