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Robi Internet (MB) offer 2020 | কম টাকায় সব ইন্টারনেট এখানেই

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If you are searching Robi Internet offer 2020 This is the right place now. I will be sharing all the information on this topic today Robi has updated their offers and added some restrictions You can easily buy all Robi offer 2020 from this website
Robi Is the most popular Internet provider in Bangladesh. The telecom regulator has partially blocked the bandwidth capacity of 
Grameenphone and Robi from last evening for non-payment of dues detected in audits drastic step that ultimately hurts the 12.25 crore subscribers of the two operators.
Fast I am showing Robi regular internet offer and lastly, I am showing very low price Robi  Mb offer 2020 You can buy these offers by clicking one on the table

Robi internet (MB) offer 2020 with code

Here we are Robi Internet Package 2020 We are excited about the offer For your convenience from our website You do this through code or recharge active Robi internet offer see all Robi internet offer 2020 list

Total InternetPrice BDTActivation CodeValidity
250 MB46 BDT*123*110#28 Days
750 MB74  BDT *123*0074#14 Days
1 GB41 BDT *123*41#3 days
1GB (4G SIM)48  BDT *123*48#4 days
1GB (Free 100 SMS and 50 Minute )98  BDT *123*098#.7 days
1.1 GB101  BDT *123*101#7 Days
1.5 GB209  BDT *123*209#30 Days
4GB (512 MB 4G)316  BDT *123*316#28 Days
4GB (1GB 4G)108  BDT *123*0108#7 Days
4.5GB (1.5 GB 4G)148  BDT *123*0129#7 Days
10GB ( 3GB 4G)501  BDT *123*501#28 Days
10GB199  BDT *123*0199#7 Days
15GB649 BDT *123*649#28 Days
20GB911  BDT *123*0996#30 Days
30GB999  BDT *123*999#30 Days

If you have any problem with this offer just comment now. I replay my best

Robi internet package 2020

Now you are looking Robi internet pack 2020 They added some new rules and canceled some. According to this rule, the data package is published here

We have Robi net offer 2020. Below is the total price with the activation code for all receivable data packages.

But, you can add SMS Pack and Minute Pack for free including getting internet deals. You'll need some USSD Code if you need to get Robi sim internet offer 2020. All USSD codes are issued here.

Robi data pack 2020

If you are searching Robi data offer 2020 then you are right place now we Already showing all Robi internet pack for all Robi sim users. you choose your favorite internet pack and enjoy Robi 4.5g internet

Internet PackPrice BDTPurchase CodeValidity
100 MB (FB & IMO)BDT 10*123*0010#3 days
100 MB FB + 100 MB IMO)BDT 19*123*019#3 days
250 MBBDT 46*123*110#28 days
350 MB (IMO)BDT 20*123*56#28  days
350 MB (FB & Whatsapp)BDT 18*123*0250#28  days
500 MB (Kuuk.tv)BDT 10*123*77#3 days
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 MinBDT 58*123*058#7 days
750 MBBDT 74*123*0074#14 days
800 MB (600 FB+200MB)BDT 49*123*049#7 days
1GB + 75 Min + 30 SMSBDT 148*123*999# *123*00999#28 days
1 GBBDT 128*123*128#28 days
1 GBBDT 23*123*230#3 days
1GBBDT 41*123*41#3 days
1 GBBDT 48*123*48#4 days
1.1 GBBDT 101*123*101#7 days
1 GB+50 Min+100 SMSBDT 98*123*098#7 days
1 GB (PUBG)BDT 33*123*033#30 days
1 GB (FB & Whats)BDT 49*123*250#30 days
1 GB IMO PackBDT 53*123*056#28 days
1.5 GBBDT 209*123*209#30 days
1.5 GBBDT 48*123*48#3 days
1.5 GBBDT 209*123*209#30 days
2 GBBDT 54*123*54#3 days
2 GBBDT 239*123*239#28 days
2GB+150Min+150 SMSBDT 251*123*251#28 days
2 GB (robi.tv)BDT 65*123*77*3#3 days
3 GBBDT 108*123*108#7 days
3 GBBDT61*123*061#3 days
4 GBBDT 108*123*0108#7 days
4 GBBDT 316*123*316#28 days
4.5 GBBDT 129*123*0129#7 days
5 GB+500Min+100 SMSBDT 599*123*599#30 days
6 GBBDT 148*123*148#7 days
7 GBBDT 399*123*399#28 days
10 GBBDT 501*123*501#28 days
10 GBBDT 199*123*0199#7 days
15 GBBDT 649*123*649#28 days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSBDT 999*123*999#30 days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSBDT 999*123*00999#30 days

Robi 1gb internet offer 2020

This offer is one of the best Robi 4g internet offer 2020 all Robi sim users. Robi 1gb internet 41 Taka Validity: 3 Days you just dial this  code *123*41#

Robi 1gb 9Tk offer 

Are you Robi new sim user Great offers for you 1gb 9 Taka you get this offer fast recharge 34 Taka fast time. and Second time recharge 9 Taka to get this offer

Robi 2gb Internet offer

  • This the best Robi internet offer all Robi internet users. Robi 2gb internet 54 Taka 
  • Validity: 3 Days 
  • Active this offer just dial this code *123*54#
  • Robi 2gb internet 209 Taka  Validity: 30Days you just dial this  code *123*209#

Robi 4gb Internet offer 

Dear Robi users, we'll see if we can get Robi 4 GB internet from this website today. And you like the Robi 4 GB internet offer, only 108 Taka can be purchased. p Which is an amazing offer on the Robi data pack 2020. The 4 GB Internet 4 G SIM must be used with it. To buy this offer you'll get 4 GB Internet. To access the robi offer 2020 just dial* 123*0108#. This offer Validity 07 Days.

 Robi 10gb internet offer 2020

This the best Robi internet offer all Robi internet users. Robi 10gb internet 199 Taka Validity: 30 Days you just dial this code  *123*0199#

Robi 20gb internet offer 2020

This the best Robi internet offer all Robi internet users. Robi 20gb internet 911 Taka Validity: 30 Days you just dial this code *123*0996#

How to check Robi Internet offer

Check your Robi internet balance You can just dial this ussd code

  • *3#
  • *8444*88#

Robi Internet setting for android

Robi internet setting very easy now fast go to your mobile access point names setting and click here new app and create a new an example name: Robi Apn: Internet and click here save button and enjoy Robi 4.5G internet.
Final Word:
I am just showing Robi internet pack 2020 for all Robi sim users. I have collated all offers from Robi's official website  If you have any problem with this Robi Internet offer just comment now. I replay my best 
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