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GP All Service Off 2024 | জিপি সিমের সকল সার্ভিস গুলো এখান থেকে বন্ধ করুন

gp all service off
If you are searching on the internet how to gp all service off then this place for you. One of the problems of all SIM companies in Bangladesh including Grameenphone is that any service is turned on automatically. If you're after this question and you want to fix it then you're in the right place. Please follow this post.

    How to GP All Service Off

    1. Fast Open your Mobile dial pad 
    2. Then dial this USSD code "*121*6*4#"
    3. And select option 4 STOP
    4. Then Click the sent button
    Your GP All service will be turned off with a return message shortly after it has been sent

    GP All Service Off 2024

    If this trick isn't working, then you can try the second method 
    1. Fast open you're mobile message option 
    2. Then dial STOP ALL 
    3. Sent to 789 Number
    • Form of welcome tune: "Stop" and submit to 4000
    • Net Off * 500 * 40 #
    • Facebook "Stop" type, and send to 32665
    • USSD dial Facebook * 325 * 22 #
    • App "Stop" Twitting Style and Send to 9594
    • Call Block: Send to 5678 by type "Stop CB"
    • Write "STOP MCA" for missed call warning and send it to 6222
    • The "Stop Cric" cricket warning service up to 2002.
    • Until 2002, the sports service category "STOP SN" and SMS.
    • Cricket service up to 2002, type "STOP CR" and SMS.
    • Write "Stop MB" to mobile backup and send to 6000
    • Type "Stop" Buddy Tracker, and send to 3020
    • "Stop BD" form of music news, and submit to 4001
    • Chat voice dial 2828, and click 8.
    • Form Entertainment Box "Stop" and send to 1234
    • Ebill type "Cancel Ebill" and upload it to 2000.
    • Job News type "CATEGORY STOP.space. JOB" to 3003.
    • Timings at Namaz: SMS "STOP N" to 2200.
    • Hadith SMS "STOP H" to 2200 sharif.
    • Voice mail: Call # 62 # or # 67 # or # 61 # or # 21 #

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