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SSC Result 2020 | এসএস সি রিজাল্ট দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

Today I will show you how you can view Secondary School Certificate (SSC) result online from your own or family friend Bandub Result 2020

Here you can see only Secondary School Certificate SSC Result 2020 Check Now 
Secondary School Certificate SSC Result 2020 will be able to keep the information of all the Board information and Madrasa Board and from here, 

which gives student students in Alia Madrasa Secondary School Certificate SSC Result 2020 Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations of SSC, 

Madrasa Board submissions and technical board SSC and Dakhil Vocational exams have started from February 2, 2014. March 3, the end of the test of the year 2020. All Education Board's results will be published on 6th May, Monday, 2020.

SSC Result Bangladesh 2020

We know how difficult the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam is for the students and we will get results of this last 10 years by examining this month and how many students and students examined this one month, 

The number of students increased in the year 2020 compared to 018 Lakh 3,434 people Of these 47 thousand 229 students and 56 thousand 205 students. 

The growth of the total organization is 131. Center growth 85. The number of regular candidates is 17 lakh 40 thousand 937. 

The number of irregular examinations is 3 lakh, 91 thousand 54 people. The number of special candidates (1, 2, 3 and 4 issues) 3 lakh 42 thousand 839 This year, 5,41,353 people in the science section, 

7 million 75 thousand 340 people, business education 3,83,409 others. Apart from this, 8 centers of Jeddah, Riyadh, Tripoli, Doha, Dubya, and 434 students will participate in the examination. Of these students, 192 students, 242 students

SSC Result 2020 Publish Date 

About the date of publication of SSC results in 2020, Education Board Manager Sujon Mahmud said, Education Board Manager Sujon Mahmud said the Secondary School Certificate SSC results will be published on May 10, 2016, on 10 May 2016.
The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination began on 1 February 2020 and the SSC examination was completed on 29 February 2020. Two parts of the examination took place. There is one part written and another part practical. 
The written exam by Secondary School Certificate (SSC) this year was held from February 1 to February 22. The practical examination commenced on 23 February and finished on 29 February
 After publishing the following results, students want to know the date of publication of SSC Result 2020. Well, I've been thinking about something that you've got about static dates published in the last two years. It is very likely that the 6th May is most likely to be published,

SSC Result 2020

How to Get SSC Result 2020

To know the results of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam, you must first go to this official website by and then you will follow the steps below.web-based result

  •  Step 1: Visit

  • Step 2: Select SSC / Vertical from the "Test" option.

  • Step 3: Select 2020 as your test year.

  • Step 4: Now select your board name.

  • Step 5: Enter the registration number of your SSC roll number and the next two boxes.

  • Step 6: Solve the security math and press the "Submit" button.

  • Step7: You are done.
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SSC Result 2020 Marksheet Download

This Is Another Big Thing For Candidates For Collecting SSC Result 2019 Marksheet For Higher School Certificate (SSC). 
I Think You Know That The Board Of Education Ministry Generally Publishes Its Results On The Internet After 2:00 P.M. But At The Same Time, They Do Not Officially Publish The Full Mark Sheet.

It Is Not Possible To Publish Full Results With Mark Sheets Because Of This At The Same Time. After A Few Hours Of The Letter,
The Board Of Education In Bangladesh Officially Published SSC Marksheet 2020 At 4:00 PM. You Can Then Also Download The Full Mark Sheet Of Your Bangladesh SSC Exam Result.

SSC Result 2020 এসএস সি রিজাল্ট

SSC Result 2020 By SMS Method

You can also see the results of the education board result in mobile, the following are the steps for MobileYou want to check your secondary School Certificate results through Mobile SMS, but you must pay attention to certain conditions of the mobile operator. 
The first condition is that you must have a prepaid SIM card and it will be retried. You need to know the first 3 letters of your board. 
If you do not know, note below. Now go to the Mobile SMS Message option and type the Secondary School Certificate space and type the first 3 letters of the board name again and type your Secondary School Certificate registration number and again give a place and type 2020. Now send it to 16222.
Education Board Name
Shot Code

Dhaka Education Board 

Chittagong Education Board 

Comilla Education Board 


Barisal Education Board 


Jessore Education Board 

Rajshahi Education Board 


Sylhet Education Board 


Dinajpur Education Board 


Madrasah Education Board 


Technical Education Board 

SSC <Space> DAa <Space> 1234569874 <Space> 2020 Send 16222.

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SSC Result Bangladesh 2020 via SMS

SSC Results By Android Apps

There's an official Android app to check out Bangladesh's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) results and other exam results. Students or their guardians who have the Android Smartphone should download and install this app from the Google Play store on their mobile phone before the results are released. 

For your reference, the link to the official app is provided below, and the app's name is Education board Results (Official Apps). For your reference, the procedure for checking the SSC result 2020 is given below. So, go through it and check on the same process for the result.

SSC Result Bangladesh All Education Board

Did you know how many Bangladesh Education boards have? I believe yes. Because you were still going from any of the boards of education. By the way, 

I'm going to describe all the education board SSC Result here. 8 General education present in Bangladesh. Also Madrasah and Technical Board with two different educational types.

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

One of Bangladesh's top and best Board of Education. The maximum number of exams under the Dhaka Education Board is attended on the SSC examination each year.

 His students make Dhaka the largest board of education in Bangladesh. Their quality of education and the pace at which they pass are also high. 

If you wish to get your 2020 Dhaka board of SSC Exam Result, go to their official website:

SSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board

Sylhet isn't out of reach. They develop day by day, too. You remember, our minister of education, Dr. Dipu Moni, is from Sylhet too. 
He also wants to digitalize the Sylhet Council. That's why he's working hard on this as well. Here's the 2020 Secondary School Certificate Sylhet Board Result. 
A total of 1,23 Lakh candidates are attended under the Sylhet Education Board on the Secondary School Certificate exam in this year. Get Sylhet for your 
SSC Exam Result official website:

SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board 

Chittagong is Bangladesh's second-largest board of education. This year a total of 1.4 Lakh students are attended on the Chittagong Education Board's Higher School Certificate exam. If you are looking for your 2020 Chittagong board SSC Results test then you can search from

SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board

No matter from which board you originated. This article is for all of BD's boards of education. Rajshahi's board is not behind, either. A current year under the Rajshahi board, more than 0.98 K girls and boys candidates attended the Secondary School Certificate test. If you are looking for your Rajshahi board of SSC Result 2020, you should go to its official website here:

Comilla Board SSC Exam Result 2020

Who is from Comilla Division here? I think you know that Division Comilla will change with Division Maynamoti. But the board of education isn't going to change. Here's Comilla's 2020 SSC Exam Result. From here, find all board wise results for Comilla

SSC Exam Result 2020 Barisal Board

find out the Secondary School Certificate  Result of your Barisal Board of Education. Not tough. Take them simple. I know you worried about your result. I had recommended that you be tough. Seek these easy ways to officially gather your 2020  SSC Exam Result from here:

SSC Jessore Board Result 2020

Your  Education Board SSC Result 2020 is here. Sometimes examine are looking to collect their SSC results on the website of the direct education board. Did you know that you can also check your results through your board of education? Okay, here's your 2020 SSC Board Result for Jessore. Another modern Bangladesh Education board. For your results check this out:

SSC Exam Result Dinajpur Board 2020

Are you from Dinajpur Board seeking SSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board? Ok, the easiest solution to this is here. A large number of candidates are attending this year under the Dinajpur Board on the SSC examination. Find and chill out your result:

SSC Result 2020 Exclusive Video 

For all students, the SSC examination is a very important stage. The results will be published on May 10, 2020, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh. The results (method and other information) will be available here

We'll change the SSC Result bd 2020 for Secondary School Certificate. Secondary School Certificate S.S.C Exam Result 2020 will be found here when it is officially published by the education board of Bangladesh and the madrasah education board. Secondary School Certificate Result 2020 All board of instruction below.

SSC Vocational Result 2020 Technical Board

This is another Bangladesh Technical Training Board Equivalent Test. You just have to follow our above-noted online method system to test your secondary School Certificate Professional Result 2020. But the resulting SSC SMS format equivalent is different. Don't think about that. Don't worry. I post the entire 2020 SSC technical test results SMS file here.
SSC Result 2020

However, if you claim what is the date 2019 reported on SSC Professional Report. We recommend that you wait for the date of publishment of the SSC Exam Result. Because its SSC equivalent examination results are published at the same time by Bangladesh Technical Board (

SSC<space>Tech<space>Roll_Number<space>2020 send to 16222.

In the final word:

Bangladesh is one of the biggest events for students for the SSC Results 2020 for all education boards. Since students can apply to the best colleges if they have a good GPA

And you will find all you need in this post to get for your board the Secondary School Certificate examination results for 2020

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