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PSC Result 2020 |

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PSC Result 2020 Review of primary school certificates is now Live way. It starts on November 18, 2020, and will proceed until November 26, 2020. In this article, we'll explain all the required changes to PSC Result 2020. Firstly, here you will have PSC Result to publish Date, Internet Result Check Method, and much more PSC Result systems. You have to get it from all methods when the DPE releases the Result. If a regular expression faces issues, people can not quickly test Results. So, get from this article to know all of the processes. They hope you can early receive your results.

PSC Result 2020 Bangladesh:

PSC full meaning Certification for Primary School. This is Bangladesh's Only Public Exam. We attend the PSC Exam while a student completes primary school education. It Examination is handled and operated by both the Primary Education Department. DPE's official Website is www DPE gov bd. We release both Primary and Public education information on just this Website. DPE always releases the Ebtedayee Result and is the only PSC Result 2020 Equivalent Results. Let's start to read all of the details about this article and check your PSC Result 2020 or  Ebtedayee Results 2020 quickly from the end of DPE.
From the Official Website, the PSC students or their representatives can quickly test the PSC Exam Result 2020. So, keep all the details you need ready and check the Result from Online quickly. Www, DPE gov bd will, therefore, release all the information and News relevant.

The Board of Primary Education Directorate releases the PSC Exam Result for all regions simultaneously. The results will be released on the official result server of DPE and also on the result server of Teletalk DPE. DPE's Official Website Address is not available. No selected Domain name. The server Domain name and port were used by the Authority to access the Website. Teletalk DPE Site Address server result is now open. They are You can get your PSC Result 2020 online by visiting this page.

PSC Result 2020 Publish Date:

PSC Result 2020 will be released on a date similar to JSC Result 2020. While JSC and PSC results are completed on any other day, the Result will be published at the same time. JSC Exam starting on November 1 and ended on November 15, 2020. On another side, the PSC Exam launched on November 18 and finished on November 26, 2020. DPE publishes Result on December's Last Week per year. PSC Result 2020 will be posted on (Tuesday) December 31 2020.
They have no Official updates or authorizations regarding this issue. As per receiving the information about the government, we can quickly notify you again. The official announcements are expected to be available after December 25 2019. For both the idea of how you can view this article at any time, I advise bookmarking this article in your Browser Tab. PSC Result Publish Date of last few years:

Year Published DateDay Name
2013December 30 2013Monday
2014December 30 2014Tuesday
2015December 31 2015Thursday
2016December 29 2016Saturday
2017December 30 2017Tuesday
2018December 24 2018Monday
2019 December 31 2019Tuesday
2020 December 31 2020Thursday

Official Website PSC Result 2020:

Many people don't understand about the PSC Result 2020 Official Website. Since it doesn't have the same Domain name. He delivers Server IP data. Please visit in your internet-activated computer (Browser) if you really want to check the Result. It can get the results of your Data on this page. We're presenting you with step by step guide here.

  • Firstly, visit any internet browser's listed website address.
  • Second, the name of the select exam (General for Primary, Ebtedayee for Madrasa)
  • Thirdly, pick the PSC Exam Year as 2020
  •  Now choose your Division name from the list under your Division you will be showing the available District name. Click on your name to pick your own District.
  • Then, pick Your Thana / Upazilla Name. 
  • Type Your Roll Number (PSC or Roll Ebtedayee) 
  • Finally, press the Submit button.

Keep in mind that you'll see all of the above measures in Bengali. And we hope you can understand more.

PSC Result is released annually by the Teletalk Bangladesh Company. Also released this year is PSC Result 2020 on Student ID Number has newly been added on the Student PSC Admit Card. It is added by the student's Ministry that is also operated by Teletalk. This Student ID Number can be used by anyone to verify PSC Result 2020 from the Teletalk DPE Result Verify Portal (Online) as well as from Mobile Messaging. Your Student ID Number is the Exclusive Student Number. Student ID Number built with Student Age + Exam year + Thana Code + Roll Number, here. Note, the number of student ID is up to 16 Digits. The SMS System can be found at the following. Check the 2020 PSC results online now.

  • Visit
  • Select PSC and Year 2020
  • Type your Student ID Number
  • Tap on the Submit Button
Anyone can test their PSC Result 2020 from their Student ID Number through Online from this guidance. Even though the Official Website is going to showdown, you use this Website and efficiently to get your PSC answer.

PSC Result 2020 In SMS thought 

For PSC Review, the Mobile SMS Platform is very relevant. That analysis is unable to access the Internet. Not all Keepers are trained. Really, online verifying the Result is so tricky. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has made a Simple procedure according to quickly checking the PSC Result 2020. Just Student ID Number may be used to confirm Mobile SMS for the PSC Result 2020. They have two separate SMS Type methods.
DPE <space> Student ID Number to 16222
This is the most latest official PSC Result 2020 Mobile SMS Set. It was released in 2016 by Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. Today, this is the most common PSC Result Smartphone SMS Format. To test your PSC Result 2020 by SMS, are using this Message Format. TK Charge 2.54 Appears to apply. Here is the particular Phone SMS Format open to you. If you don't have the Student ID code, you can also use this Format. Your PSC Roll Number will be found here.
DPE <space> Thana Code <space> Roll
Give the message to 16222. You will get your Cell Phone results very early. Text message Charge is similar. You can know that all number of the operator is permitted. And, to check your results, use any mobile phone. Don't send a message until Results are written.

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2020 PSC Result With App

They also got too many questions recently about both the PSC Result App. They are miserable say because, at present, there is no authorized PSC Result Mobile App. However, at present that Authority is working on it. Last year the Administration (DPE) reported that they have already agreed to create a Mobile Application. This will be eligible at the earliest opportunity. You should definitely be having your 2020 PSC Result from the Mobile App. We'll notify you immediately via this post if it is released.

PSC Result Full Marksheet 2020

PSC Result 2020 Full Marksheet is available here. Complete Marksheet means PSC Result out the full marks and more to do with Subject wise Marks. All Students are very significant. This year DPE made PSC Test Board Challenge Program (Report Re-Scrutiny). Therefore, when a candidate earns Marks 78 or 79, they can submit for Board Challenge (Result Re-Scrutiny). This is a paid full-time program. This is operated by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited but is retained. Information can be found following. Often necessary to learning the Scholarship Result is PSC Full mark sheet.
There is no additional method available for testing the Complete Naturalization certificate on PSC Result 2020. On the online platform, you'll get it. You will get your Information Marksheet when checking your 2020 PSC Result through our internal system. You can also display your mark sheet by pressing the Hit the button.

PSC Grading System 2020:

PSC Exam2020 may be familiar with their Grading system. No additional (optional) subject is required on the PSC Test. Therefore, the GPA measures all questions as the Median GPA.
Subject Marks Grade Point Grade
Bangla 83 5 A+
English 75 4 A
Mathematics 95 5 A+
General Science 94 5 A+
Social Science 83 5 A+
Islamic Studies 75 4 A
And here will be your average GPA (CGPA) (5 + 4 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 4) = 28/6 = 4.67; and your 2020 PSC result will be GPA 4.67. Your Grade Letter is A. GPA starts at 0.00 (F) until 5.00 (A+).

PSC Ebtedayee Result 2020:

PSC's Similar or Equivalent Exam is Ebtedayee. The 2020 Ebtedayee Results will be released alongside the 2020 PSC Result. It will be able to test your Ebtedayee Result 2020 from Online and Mobile SMS while the PSC Result is being released.

If you would like to check your online Result, please visit the previous connection we given. From the same PSC server, you'll get your Ebtedayee Result. DPE also power this Result. Take all measures after you have accessed the Website. It needs only 1 Substitute. Just click Examination on Ebtedayee. All other possibilities will work correctly.
You can also use Mobile SMS to verify your 2020 Ebyedayee Result. The Mobile SMS Format is available for you here. This should work when posting the results online. Text message Charge must apply. Then open your Mobile Message Choice. And type in the SMS below:
EBT <space> Student ID Number
Send the message out now to 16222. Where do you find the student ID number on Ebtedayee? Make no worries! This is eligible on the Admit Card at Ebtedayee. So test your Outcome now using either form or both.
PSC  2020 Board Challenge Result
The Challenge system for the board is now open. Every student may request for this program to recheck their PSC Result 2020. That Board Challenge starts on the next day of the Outcome and lasts for the next 15 days. Of this operation, Teletalk cellular Mobile number must be used. We will now outline the PSC Result 2020 Challenge program for you. Next, reload your Mobile Account Prepaid from Teletalk. Require two SMS Charge and 180 TK Per Topic. If you would like to apply for one Subject, you need at least 185 TK in the Balance account. Then go to Mobile Phone's SMS Choice, and go to New Post. Now type your Details in the FormatFormat below:
DPRSC <space> Student ID <space> Subject Code and Send to 16222.Example: DPRSC 112019714032201 113 and Send to 16222.

Below, the student ID number is 112019714032201, and the subject code is 113 (Mathematics). You'll get Student Name, Chargeable sum, and a Pin code after submitting the first post. To send the second message, you must use the PIN code. Then, submit the second message using Format below:
DPRSC <space> YES <space>PIN Number<space>Contact Number and Send to 16222.
Example: Submit to 16222 and DPRSC YES 50235326 01XXXXXXXXXX.

Here the Example PIN number is 50235326. You must replace the PIN number you'll receive on the First Post.

PSC 2020 Scholarship Result

PSC Scholarship Result 2020 will be published after PSC Result 2020, or within 90 days. The Education ministry will post on its Website a district-wise curated list of PSC Scholarship Students. The 2020 PSC Scholarship Result can also be verified over the Website. It is close to testing Online PSC Result 2020. We already gave you an idea about the Outcome of the PSC scholarship. If you are making a good PSC score, we assist you in testing the 2020 PSC Scholarship Score.
To search PSC Result 2020 on Web, you must include all the details received. The details are Name of the Area, District Name, Name of Thana, Roll Number, and Year. Visit the Official Website now, and review the PSC reports. On the dashboard, you'll see the Scholarship Result.

In the final word: we hope you've got all the details you need from this article. Some information on PSC Result 2020 is available, which is not available in this article. So, you've got a full section where you got all of the PSC Result 2020 phases. You can then ask us any questions in the comment box below, or directly via the Contact us form. You can also visit the official Website of DPE to obtain all relevant facts. Thank you for your thorough reading of this message.

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