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Papia | শামীমা নূর পাপিয়া | কে এই পাপিয়া

শামীমা নূর পাপিয়া Samima Nor Papia 

Shamima Noor Papia. Older, as well as the young women's league. Then he did not have to look back. In the aristocratic area, women have been involved in horrific crimes, including women's business.

Multiple sources say the women and drug business at the five-star hotel are the main sources of income for Papia. Some of the country's elite people and foreigners are its customers. Scott opened the service on the Internet and sent a beautiful young lady on demand.
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Papia used to collect educated young women from different parts of the country including the capital. Those young women used to be rich people's companions. And he rented rooms at anonymous elite hotels - by the name of Sanya.

The woman discussed is the newly deposed general secretary of Narsingdi District Youth Women's League. He also identified himself as a central leader. Behind this identity was his criminal activities.

Details of শামীমা নূর পাপিয়া Samima Nor Papia 

Her husband, Mofizur Rahman Chowdhury Suman, was one of the partners in these activities. He was once the convenor of the Narsingdi city Chhatra League.

Mofizur Rahman Chowdhury Suman, son of Matiur Rahman of Brakhandi Mohalla in Narsingdi city He was caught in politics by the late Mayor Lokman Hossain. From childhood, Sumon became involved with terrorist activities.

He is accused of killing Municipal Commissioner Manik Mia in the Jatra Pandal in the morning. Sumon married Papia Chowdhury in a love affair in 27 years. After marriage to Suman, Papia became fully involved in politics.

Kills Of Papia Samima Nor Papia 

Three years after the killing of Lokman, Papia Chowdhury was terrorized. The terrorists shot Papia at that time. Then they left Narsingdi and set sail in Dhaka. Their relationship with MP Sabina Akhter Tuhin was established in Dhaka.

Since then Papia Chowdhury and her husband Suman alias Moti Suman have become confident of a former reserved MP in the capital. Papia became general secretary of the Narsingdi District Youth Women's League in the 21st. He owns a car service center called KMC Car Wash in the Bhagadi area of ​​Narsingdi city. Papiya's father is home to Saiful Bari in the Bhagadi Markaz Mosque area.

In Narsingdi, Sumon and his wife Papia have a huge workforce. Often they showdown at the Awami League procession meetings. Papia used to misuse the picture by giving flowers to leaders during political programs.

It is reported that Papia has paid huge bills in the capital's elite five-star hotel in the last one month. And because of the money spent, the eyes of the detective fell on Papia.

According to the report, RAB arrested two persons including Papia, husband Mofizur Rahman Chowdhury Suman, Sabyakshar Khandaker and Sheikh Tayyibas from the airport area while traveling abroad on Saturday morning.

Papia and her husband have two flats in the luxurious building of 'Roshan Domino Relivo' on Farmgate Indira Road. In addition, there are two Hayes microbes, a Harrier, a Noah and a Weasel car, both in black and white in Papia.

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