Tuesday, January 16, 2024

GP 500 Minute offer 2024| GP New Minute Offer

GP 500 Minute offer 2024

GP 500 Minute offer 2024 is here Today I will discuss with you the GP 500 minute Talktime offer 2021, The minute bid we're going to introduce today is fantastic, and GP's biggest minute offer. Grameenphone has launched its official website. Learn more about this offer here
GP is one of Bangladesh's best-known and biggest mobile operators. Grameenphone has offered much at a low price for every customer they bring in. I made that offer here for gp 500 minutes at a cheaper price, though.

    GP 500 Minute offer 2024 With Code

    Dear Grameenphone user GP has 500 minutes to give to the most say to those of us who are looking for spectacular deals. The price for this minute is cheaper than given at other minutes. But that deal is one of the best-minute deals for Grameenphone. The 500 minute GP bid will cost only Rs 288 to buy.

    From here you can quickly buy the offer for this minute. You can dial the USSD code, or recharge it, to take advantage of this minute offer. For this minute, if you want to purchase a deal, dial*121* 5074#. The length of the Minute Pack is 30 days.

    Condition of GP 500 Minute Offer

    • GP 500 minute offer code is *121*4208#
    • Validity is 30 Days
    • you can talk  (GP-any local operator)
    • Supplementary tariff + VAT + surcharge included with the price.
    • This offer does not apply to Skitto customers.
    • Check Your minute balance *121*1*2#

    Final word
    If you have any confusion or question about the GP 500 Minute offer 2024, Just comment on the box. We reply to my best
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