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Do you use airtel sim? Airtel Minute Offer Is now. Airtel took them to the SIM customer to upgrade them with a new Minute offer that was much better and at a lower price compared to last year
You surely do an internet search on the Airtel Minute Offer Yes you came to the right place Which I saved from the official website of Airtel. Which can be purchased and used by each customer to talk to another.

Airtel is one of the most famous telecom services business in Bangladesh. They have been offering network service to their customers in Bangladesh with a network reputation for over 10 years
Nevertheless, there are also some great minute offers and online promotions coming up for the new year 2020.

Airtel Minute Offer 2020 

I have given you some recharge offers from Airtel. Offers range from 2 days up to 30 days. And the balance from 16Taka to 199 Taka needs to be recharged. The total duration of the minute is 12 Minutes to a maximum of 500 Minutes. Now I'm showing you some airtel minute to buy all the Listed Ussd code for you now. And make the most of the minute offers
Minute Offer Bonus MB&SMSRecharge AmountValidity
25 Minute 80SMS24 BDT2 Days
80 Minute 80 SMS46 BDT 7 Days
125 Minute 200 MB78 BDT 7 Days
160 Minute 400 MB93 BDT 7 Days
335 Minute 200 SMS193 BDT 30 Days
480 Minute 1 GB278 BDT 30 Days
250 Minute 1GB(social)+250sms149 BDT 7 Days

Airtel Minute Pack 2020 With Activation Code

Now for all users this is airtel minute pack. Give a minute for Airtel. Now all Airtel customers willing to buy the bundle offer
Total MinutePriceActive CodeValidity

24 Minutes14 BDT*121*014#16 Hours
50 Minutes @ 1.5GB & 50 SMS98 BDT*123*098#7 days
30 Minutes @ 500 MB & 30 SMS34 BDTRecharge 34 BDT3 days
38 Minutes Pack23 BDT*123*23#2 days
30 Minutes18 BDT*121*18#24 Hours
46 Minutes28 BDT*121*28#3 days
92 Minutes53 BDT*121*53#7 days
160 Minutes93 BDT*121*93#7 days
205 Minutes118 BDT*121*0118#10 days
125 Minutes74 BDT*121*074#7 days
77 Minutes (any net)46 BDT*123*46#7 days
1000 Min+ 5GB777 BDT*121*7770#30 days
10 Minutes + 10 SMS6.09 BDT*121*301#10 hours
865 Minutes + 3GB499 BDT*123*499#45 days
1200 Min with 8GB999 BDT*121*9990#30 days
240 Minutes + 1GB179 BDT*121*1790#30 days
400 Minute +2GB + 50SMS299BDT*121*2990#30 days
2000 Minutes +10GB1499 BDT*121*1499#30 days
100 Minutes + 800 SMS + 2GB574 BDT*123*574#30 days

Airtel 24 Minute offer:

This is the low price airtel minute offer 2020 14 Taka 24-minute pack validity is 16 hours Check the list below to buy this offer for you
  • Airtel 24 minute
  • Dial  *121*014#
  • Validity 16 hour

Airtel 50 Minute pack:

This is the airtel minute bundle offer You will receive the offer within minutes, as well as internet and SMS which expire for 7 days. only 98 Bangladeshi taka Buy this bundle offer
  • 50 Minutes @1.5GB&50 SMS
  • Just dial *123*098#
  • Validity 7days

Airtel 38 minute pack

if you are searching low price minute pack this is the low price minute pack. only 23 Bangladeshi taka get 38 airtel to any operator minute you recharge 23 taka or dial code
  • Airtel 38 minute offer code is *123*23#.
  • validity is 2days
  • price 23 taka

46 Minute offer Airtel

Airtel is a very successful telecom service. Most clients make use of the Airtel Minute offer. They have given a bundle of 46 minutes with just 28 Taka. This 46-minute talk-time pack is great and the lowest rate.
  • Airtel 46 Minute code is *121*28#
  • Validity is 03 days
  • Price 28 Bangladeshi taka

92 Minute offer Airtel

This airtel Minute pack is amazing in Bangladesh Shipped them to users 92 minutes any net only 53 Bangladeshi Taka Right here you can buy this awesome minute pack for validity 07 days.
  • Minute offer code is *121*53#
  • Price 54 Taka
  • period of 7 days

205 Minute offer

This is the airtel 100 taka minute offer people get 205 minutes just 118 Taka Which you can use airtel to any Bangladesh telecom operator 
  • Active this offer just dial *121*0118#
  • Price is 118 Taka 
  • Validity is 7 days

Airtel Minute Pack 160 Minute

This airtel regular Minute pack Which new ones they updated  Want to buy the offer? Then at a lower cost you gain more minutes. You'll get 160 minutes of talk time in this Airtel Minute Bundle Pack

  • Active this minute offer dial *121*93#
  • Validity is 7days
  • Price 93 Bangladeshi taka

Airtel 200 Minute offer 

This is the airtel most popular minute offer airtel Which they know to be a weekly minute pack this offer you get 200 airtel to Bangladeshi operator minute only 115 taka validity is 10 days 

  • Active this recharge 115 taka 
  • Or dial *121*115#
  • This offer validity is 10 days
  • price 115 taka 
  • VAT, SD & SC included.

Airtel 400 Minute offer 

I'll think about the bundle of perfect Airtel minutes with you. It is one of the most exciting and impressive minute deals Airtel has to deliver. This minute most friends are searching for offers.
I arranged for them to quickly purchase a 400-minute bundle from Airtel. For 400 minutes you'll get this bundle offer of 50 SMS and 2 GB free internet. The minute pack will only cost Taka 299 Taka This is a monthly minute offer called Airtel. You can use it for 30 days at any time.
  • This offer code is *121*2990#
  • Validity is 30 days
  • Price 299 Bangladeshi Taka

Airtel 1000 Minute offer 

Airtel has updated its customers with its latest one-minute bid. Now you're chatting with your family all day and all night. This deal can be called the Airtel Super Minute Offer, which only lasts 1000 minutes, and for 574 Tk you can buy 1000 Minute and 800 SMS and 2 GB Internet Offer. This requires a maximum of 30 days. You can also trigger the deal after recharge
  • Active this offer just recharge 574 taka
  • Or dial *121*574#
  • Price 574 Taka
  • Validity is 30 days

How To Buy Airtel Minute offer

  • Open your mobile dial pad
  • Then Dial your Activision code
  • press 1 replay
  • easily buy Airtel minute pack
  • Or Recharge your package taka

Terms of Airtel Minute Offer 2020

  • Talk time use to Airtel to Any operator all package 
  • To check minute dial * 222 *8# 
  • and to check SMS dial *222*12#.
  • After completion of pack volume or validity, 
  • you will be charged at the Pay-As-You-Go rate.
  • VAT, SD & SC are included.
Conclusion: So far I have been telling you about Airtel Minute Offer 2020. If you have any trouble buying an offer from this Minute offers, please let us know by comment.

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