Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How To Block Robi And Airtel PPU Message (এখানে দেখুন)

Are You Robi User? Today I am showing How To Block Robi PPU Message For those of us who are Robi users,

 this kind of problem is short This  Robi PPU block We have seen a lot of time that our Mobile  internet balance is over since the ones that started with Robi started Robi PPU block Today we will discuss it 

How To Block Robi PPU Message

      Robi ppu block code

      • First, you have to dial 
      • *8444*9999# or *123*9999#
      • After that press 4
      • After that press 1
      • Then you're off Robi PPU block

      Teams Of Robi PPU Block

      • You must be a Robi Sim User
      • You must be Robi Internet user 
      • You have to keep an internet pack on Robi
      • After that, it will be closed Robi PPU
      ppu block-5tk 10.0mb ki vabe use korbo
      ans: Apni new internet pack kine abar internet use korte parben. Echara pay per use er maddhome use korar jonno kindly *8444*05*2# ei code ti dial korun jar maddhome sorboccho 200 tk porjonto daily pay per use er maddhome data use korte parben.

      How To Block Robi PPU Message
      How To Block Robi PPU Message

      Final word
      Thanks for staying with us for a long time and visiting the Robi ppu block code article. If you have any confusion or question about the How To Block Robi PPU Message, Just comment on the box. We reply as soon as possible with the correct answer.
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