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How To Transfer Banglalink Balance

Hello dear friends Life is abundant easier currently, as a result of Banglalink balance transfer service
simply transfer credit to your friends and family United Nations agency use Banglalink range, anytime you wish

How to Register Banglalink balance transfer service

Dial * 1000 # ⇒Balance Transfer⇒ Set PIN/ New PIN ⇒ Confirmed New PIN⇒ (Pop Up Message) "You have successfully set your new PIN"
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How To Transfer Banglalink Balance

To Banglalink Transfer Balance

Through SMS
Go to produce new message choice and sort 'BTRAmountReceiver Mobile Number PIN
Then send the message to a thousand
You will receive a confirmation
Through USSD
Dial * 1000 # ⇒Balance Transfer⇒Amount⇒Enter the number⇒ Enter your PIN
To Change PIN:

Through SMS

Go to production new message choice and sort CPINOLDPINNEWPIN. Example: 'CPIN 1234 4321'
Then send the message to a thousand
Through USSD
Dial * 1000 # ⇒Change PIN⇒Enter Current PIN /Enter NEW PIN / Confirm PIN

Conditions Of Banglalink balance transfer

Minimum Tk ten and most Tk one hundred is transferred into a very single group action
Maximum Tk five hundred in a very day and Tk.1000 in a very month transfer
The amount should be a spherical figure and will be typewritten in range solely with none text (e.g. 50). No fraction allowed
You need to register for the service by dialing * 1000 # USSD code
You will be able to transfer balance via SMS as well as USSD (* 1000 #)
The daily limit will be irreligious at night at 12:00 AM
Promotional Charge
Tk. 2.44 (including VAT, American state & SC) from the sender's balance
Tk. 2.44 (including VAT, American state & SC) from receiver's finish.
Final word
Thanks for staying with us a long time and visiting Banglalink balance transfer article. If you have any confusion or question about the Banglalink balance transfer, Just comment the box. We reply as soon as possible with the correct answer.

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